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High-Speed Rail Woos Private Investment

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One of the (only?) ways to bridge the funding gap to pay for California's high-speed rail line is to get the private sector involved. And now comes the news that the High-Speed Rail Authority is officially asking for “requests for expressions of interest” (RFEI), according to Bloomberg. From a developer's point of view, it could work this way: Given that there is "station area planning" money available, a private developer could apply to get high-speed funds to build housing and retail around Union Station, where the high-speed rail will pass (the funds would be passed out by the city). Of course, this private sector involvement isn't just limited to developers. "We're looking for companies that can get involved in all phases of development," Rachel Wall, spokesperson for the High-Speed Rail Authority tells us. How about casinos all along the route to SF! [Bloomberg, Official Site for Requesting Expressions of Interest]