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Stone on the Delaware, Adobe on the Rio Grande, Dwell-ish on the Westside

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You couldn't always get this property for $1 million. The house that architect Emily Jagoda designed for her own family first went on the market in June 2009 asking $1.189 million, and appears to have been off the MLS for over a year, so its inclusion in the New York Times' "What You Get For..." column is like a little re-coming out. Our other million dollar entrants today are: a Revolutionary War-era Quaker meetinghouse in southwestern New Jersey--very historic!--and a recently-built adobe house out in the wilds of New Mexico, with frontage on the Rio Grande. Jagoda's property is in an awkward part of the Westside (Mapping LA calls it Rancho Park), but includes a three bedroom house finished in 2009 and a renovated two-bedroom guest bungalow, plus lots of fruit trees. It's now asking $999,000. Would you eff, marry, or kill it?
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