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Wonder Gone for Now at Grove, Upgrade in Downtown, Los Feliz's New Bru, and Cupcake Wars

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GROVE: That colorful Wonderland bakery on the outskirts of the Grove has closed for a remodel. But as Eater notes, Wonderland was only open for three months before the makeover. Curious.

DOWNTOWN: That Carl's Jr. with the great placement--at 6th and Hope--has closed its doors and a fancier new tenant has already started moving in. Industriel started setting up their space on February 1st: "the restaurant will be modeled after a country farmhouse and serve Provincial French comfort fare." A long way from the Super Star with Cheese.

LOS FELIZ: The Village's Psychobabble transformed into Bru on Monday--aside from what sounds like new pastries and coffee, that nasty yellow paint job is now thankfully gone.

HOLLYWOOD: The 4th Annual Cupcake Challenge took place on Saturday at the Renaissance Hotel (right next door to the Writer's Guild Awards). Local bakeries presented their best mini-c'cakes and some of the winners included varieties like Candied Sweet Potato, Late Night Breakfast, and the old standby, Red Velvet.
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