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Design on a Train, "LA Noire" Goes to Hollywood, Novogratzed

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UNIVERSITY PARK: At last weekend's USC School of Architecture charette, fourth and fifth years were asked to create a train-based design studio on the fly without using computers. First place winners were fifth years Cindy Man and Emilio Pulido, whose segmented train could expand, rotate, and pull apart. The project boards will be on display in USC's Harris Hall through tomorrow. [Curbed Inbox]

TVLAND: Our cousins in New York are mesmerized by something called a Novogratz. We looked into it, and turns out they're referring to Bob and Cortney Novogratz, owners of Sixx Design, parents to seven kids, and stars of 9 by Design. Now we're going to get our own chance to fall in love--HGTV is casting SoCal homeowners who want Cortney to make over their outdoor spaces. [Curbed NY]

VIDEOGAMELAND: There's yet another preview video out for Los Angeles-in-the-forties video game "LA Noire," and besides explaining how the gameplay will actually work, this one shows off more of the digitally-recreated city, including the Chinese Theatre and the Pantages. Ignore the Casey Kasem soundalike and enjoy the trip back through time. [LA Noire]