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Giants-Dodgers Rivalry Taken to the Skies Over Chavez Ravine

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San Francisco Giants fans are still giddy off their team's World Series win this past fall and looking to prolong the high by sticking it to Dodgers fans right in Dodger airspace. Rude! The Giants and the Dodgers will open their 2011 seasons against each other on March 31 at Elysian Park, so a group calling itself the Faithful Supporters of the World Champion San Francisco Giants is trying to raise $8,000 to fly a banner over Chavez Ravine for an hour and 20 minutes during three of the series' games. Their message: "Giants 2010 Champs: BEAT LA." LA Taco promises to "organize a boycott and shaming campaign of any Los Angeles pilot who takes filthy Frisco funds to denigrate Los Angeles and our 5 championships. Spread the word and we’ll keep the pressure on. Go Dodgers."
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