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English McMansion Garish Enough to Play a Los Angeles McMansion

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[Updown Court via Wikipedia]

We had heard that the "Brits in over their heads in Los Angeles" show "Episodes" was shot entirely in England, but it didn't seem possible that the featured McMansion was from anywhere but the westside of LA. Turns out it's from just west of London. The house, lent to the television writer leads by their American network, is played by Updown Court of Surrey, England, which was built on spec in the mid-aughts and listed in 2005 for more than £70 million. The marble and wrought-iron staircase seen on the show is based on the one in a Miami Beach mansion formerly owned by Gianni Versace.

Fake southern California architecture is about so much more than McMansions, though. Matt LeBlanc's Modern Malibu house is played by a former military bunker in north London, and a Paul Williams-influenced house gets its view via blue screen.

[LeBlanc's Modern via the LAT]
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