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Neon, Neon, Neon, a Disco, and a Hollywood Sign in the Hills

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The funny thing is that this house in Lake Hollywood is not by a long shot the worst house we've seen with its own nightclub. But it is the most be-neoned (We kind of get the tub, but the bed? That's just overcompensating.). It's also the only one that makes us think there's a skyscraper somewhere that's missing a couple of floors. The house is brand spanking new and has ten bedrooms; eighteen bathrooms; a movie theater with a 160 inch screen; an "80ft long disco with bar, lights and sound system"; a gym, three bars, an elevator, three yards, and an 80 foot long pool with a "4ft high blue glass tile rendition of the Hollywood sign running the length of the pool" (it's neon-lit, of course!). Get it fully furnished for $29,500 a month, or buy it for $8.9 million.
· 6425 WEIDLAKE Dr [Redfin]