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Check Out These Little, Meticulous Models of LA Landmarks

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Images via Al Alu

Updated 12/12 1:18 pm: If you, like we, were disappointed by LEGO's continued snubbing of our fair city's buildings, you might find some comfort in the work of artist Al Alu. After retiring from his job as an art instructor for the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department, Alu began an ongoing project of creating small-scale models of beloved local landmarks. Among the sites paid homage in his series are the Formosa Cafe, the Improv, Griffith Park's Trails Cafe, the New Beverly Cinema, and Tail O' the Pup. Constructed with basswood, cardboard, acrylic paint, and found objects, the maquettes take from seven months to a year to complete. A native of Pittsburgh who moved to LA in 1968, Alu says once his current piece--a miniature of the Craft and Folk Art Museum--is finished, he'll give the collection "a proper exhibition." Until then, you can see more photos of his work here. Update via email from Al Alu, who writes in to clarify that his maquettes are "'Architectural Caricature' built to my own personal scale. These are not architectural scaled models." He adds that "Most of them are at least 2' x 2' by 1 1/2' high."
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