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Plans For SaMo Airport's Future Pit Bureaucrat Vs. Bureaucrat

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Santa Monica Airport's current operational agreement with the FAA expires in 2015, and to prepare, the city is doing various studies and evaluations to determine what to do with the unpopular facility when that day comes. While some residents call for closure, the airport issue is causing City Hall rifts that are being aired publicly, thanks to the Santa Monica Patch. The website got a glimpse of a letter from City Manager Rod Gould in which he accused the airport commission of working clandestinely with anti-airport residents and circulating a biased survey. Airport Commission Chairman Richard Brown says one commissioner, not the whole commission, is involved with the survey and that he "can't be responsible for what others do." Councilman Bobby Shriver says "there's a mounting body of evidence that the Airport Commission is not interested in understanding a full range of options" for the airport.

This kerfuffle comes after Brown blasted two "visioning" studies on the airport last week, saying they didn't cover as much ground as they should have. Or as Venice resident Nathan Court said at a recent public meeting on SMO, the studies failed to look at the airport as "a big, dirty, noisy industrial operation that has an impact far beyond its borders."

But back to Gould and Brown--Patch says the two scheduled a meeting to iron out differences. Image via Patch
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