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An 80s-Era Look Around Dov Charney's Concrete Mansion

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We think American Apparel founder and head Dov Charney would be totally into the grainy quality and multi-colored Comic Sans of this video ("Converted from Original VCR Tape") of his house, which stands kind of creepy sentry over the Silver Lake Reservoir. Charney bought the Garbutt House in 2006, according to the Eastsider (the New York Times reported earlier this year that he "had a sculpture of an extended middle finger" in his frontyard).

The Garbutt was built in the mid-twenties by Frank A. Garbutt, who invented oil drilling tools, ran a ferry service between San Pedro and Terminal Island, helped finance the operation that would become Martin-Marietta, helped buy the land for the Los Angeles Athletic Club, and "served as vice president of the Athletic Club, Union Oil, Paramount, the Auto Club and other endeavors," according to a 1996 LA Times article. He was terrified of fire and built his mansion entirely out of concrete.

These videos, via Echo Park Patch, show off an early eighties renovation. The Garbutt was listed on the National Register in 1987 and today is part of the gated Hathaway Hill Estates.

· Silver Lake Landmark Is Not Open to Public (Blog) [Echo Park Patch]