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Red Door Belgian on Industrial, Mexican in Westwood, Casa Cabo in Burbank, LAPD HQ Resto News

DOWNTOWN: Little Bear, complete with this gorgeous exterior, is set for an opening in just a few weeks on the eastern outskirts of Downtown. The cuisine is Belgian, with lots of beer and, hopefully, frites galore.

WESTWOOD: Oh, Westwood: one step back, one step forward. Thankfully, this is the latter. Casa Azul Cantina has soft opened on the Village's eastern edge, not far from the W. The area was in desperate need of an upscale Mexican restaurant and Eater seems impressed.

BURBANK: It'll be a little less embarrassing to take visitors to a taping at NBC now. The 13 year eyesore that was the empty former Chadney's restaurant at Olive and Alameda will soon come back to life as a Casa Cabo Bar & Grill. Opening early next year.

CIVIC CENTER: Ever wonder what the deal is with that restaurant attached to the LAPD headquarters? Eater did, and they're still not sure. LA Reflection opened, closed, and now is kind of open as it tinkers with the menu and design. Hmmm, who knew cops were so picky about their lunches?
· Eater LA [Official Site]