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The Re-Taking of Foreclosures in Riverside and South Gate

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Yesterday, Arturo de los Santos broke the lock on his former home in Riverside, unloaded his U-Haul, and moved back in with his family. People all over the country re-took their foreclosed homes yesterday as part of the Occupy Our Homes movement, the Occupy Wall Street successor that's applying a little guerrilla action to the foreclosure epidemic. De Los Santos and his wife and kids had lived in the house for about eight years, according to KPCC: "Two years ago, the Orange County manufacturing firm where he worked cut back his hours. He says he missed a couple mortgage payments then applied for a loan modification." He says his loan modification was rejected and his house was sold, according to ABC7. The AP reports that JP Morgan Chase says De Los Santos is trespassing, "but had no further comment."

Meanwhile, about 100 protesters occupied Ana Casas's "small bungalow" in South Gate, where she's under threat of eviction by Wells Fargo. According to KPCC, she bought the house in the seventies and says "the bank had refused to work with her to restructure the mortgage despite three stable incomes and the ability to pay."
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