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Laemmle Lofts Theater/Housing Combo Coming to Glendale

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Glendale's on a roll the last couple of weeks--it's approved a non-boring branding campaign and a looooong-overdue makeover for the Glendale Galleria, and now it's getting a new Laemmle Theatre/housing/restaurant project?and with highly-reduced parking requirements. Last week, the city council and redevelopment agency approved final plans for the Laemmle Lofts, developed by Laemmle Theatres and Mapleton RDS Real Estate Group and slated for the corner of Wilson and Maryland Aves., in the city's aspiring entertainment district. The four-story project will include a five screen theater and about 6,000 square feet of restaurant space on the first level, and 42 residential units on floors two through four (plus a mezzanine), according to a staff report (pdf). Withee Malcolm Architects are the project architects.

According to the Glendale News-Press, the project originally included zero on-site parking spaces for residents (the developers would've leased 70 off-site spaces in a nearby city garage), but the latest plans include 44 underground parking spaces (and no off-site lease), along with a shared zero emissions vehicle spot, 66 bike parking spaces, and a street-level rack for six bikes. Even trading bike spaces for car spaces, that's still 118 car spaces short of what would normally be required by the city--the GNP says officials believe there's enough area parking to waive those spots.

There's one other controversial element to the plan--the redevelopment agency is just giving the site to the developers. The land is valued at $2.5 million and currently includes metered parking spaces and a Panda Inn. The RDA will also provide $2.6 million in "assistance funding," according to the GNP. Because of the RDA involvement, the Laemmle Lofts won't be able to break ground until that lawsuit with the state is settled.
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