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It's Here and It's Awesome: Ice Cube Celebrates Eames

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We didn't think "Ice Cube Celebrates Eames" (and here) could possibly live up to the hype, but now it's here and it's pretty damn good. The video appreciation of mid-century design superstars (and spouses) Charles and Ray Eames is part of the marketing campaign for mega mid-century SoCal art survey Pacific Standard Time (see Anthony Kiedis and Ed Ruscha here; Jason Schwartzman and John Baldessari here). In Ice Cube's video, he dismisses all the people who dismiss LA as universally ugly, he calls the 405 gridlock "bougie traffic," and he describes the Eames House as "going green 1949 style, bitch." Just watch!

Meanwhile, over at the New York Times, Cube explains the influence the Eameses had on him as an aspiring architectural drafter and explains his mixed feelings about the LA Memorial Coliseum: "You don't want to tear it down because of what it means to Los Angeles: Super Bowl I and the '84 Olympics were held there. But it's outdated, so nobody who wants a luxury box wants to play a game there. It's the reason we don't have a team right now."

And he also admits he doesn't live in a modern house: "It’s a Mediterranean-style house and it feels, to me, like an Egyptian palace."
· "Ice Cube Celebrates Ray & Charles Eames" Really Happening [Curbed LA]

Eames House (Case Study House #8)

203 Chautauqua Blvd., Los Angeles, CA