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WeHo Considering Bike Laning Up Its Major Streets

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Exchanging car lanes for bikes lanes is usually pretty controversial, and, true to fashion, a new proposal for bike lanes on San Vicente, Fountain, and Santa Monica Blvd. is vexing the West Hollywood City Council. In a new report, the city's Bicycle Task Force recommends "adding bike lanes to San Vicente Boulevard, swapping parking spaces for bike lanes along Santa Monica Boulevard, and adding lanes to Fountain Avenue by reducing the street from four to three lanes (one lane each direction with a center turn lane)," the West Hollywood Patch reports. Mayor John Duran, a cyclist himself, and Councilman John Heilman voiced concern over traffic repercussions--Heilman said he wanted more input from "non-bikers" before the council acts. The council voted to accept the report, but want more city commissions to weigh in before they adopt any plan. The city heard a similar recommendation for lanes in 2003 but, because of a lack of support, nothing ever came of it. Things may be different now with an emboldened bike lobby in place--the recently established West Hollywood Bicycle Coalition is advocating for the bikeification.
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