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Lincoln Blvd. Arby's Sign Axed, But Could End Up in a Museum

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Santa Monica's Lincoln Blvd. is already a class act with its unending gas stations and stripmalls, but the hat-shaped Arby's sign at Santa Monica Blvd. is really its piece de resistance (think of a Westside HaFo/SaFo). Well, the sign is getting the heave-ho as Arby's is closing to make way for a Wendy's (gentrification alert...?). Back in 1985, the city passed an ordinance banning "excessive and confusing" signage, according to the Santa Monica Daily Press. The law gave merchants 15 years to comply and when 2000 rolled around, many business owners appealed. Somehow, along with the signs of some classic local businesses, the Arby's cowboy hat received a "meritorious designation" and was allowed to stay in place. Now with Wendy's coming in, it's not clear what will happen to the sign. The city is requesting the Wendy's corporation, which is a part owner of Arby's, make an effort to preserve the sign, possibly by donating it to a museum.
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