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Occupy LA to Occupy Houses in South Gate, Inland Empire

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Now that Occupy camps around the country have been evicted, the movement is moving on to help prevent home evictions. Occupy Our Homes kicks off tomorrow with a nationwide day of action in which protesters and homeowners will take or re-take foreclosed homes. As Salon explains, "The backdrop for all this is a new study suggesting the foreclosure crisis is only half over, with 4 million homes in some stage of foreclosure. Meanwhile, reports of illegal or questionable behavior by banks and mortgage lenders continue to stream in." Occupy LA will be working with two families tomorrow, one in South Gate and one in the Inland Empire, reports KPCC.

Occupy LA says that "A broad group of community members, union members and activists will join [homeowners] Arturo and Ana in setting up around the clock encampments at their homes to demand that their banks return the homes and properly evaluate them for a loan modification." They're sending out protesters for the day and looking for volunteers to stay on the houses' lawns in tents at night.

The movement already won an early victory back in October, when some of the players helped Bassett resident Rose Gudiel get a loan modification and stay in her house (after protesters marched on OneWest CEO Steve Mnuchin's house in Bel Air and were cited for unlawful assembly in Fannie Mae's regional headquarters in Pasadena).
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