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Methodist Developer Wants to Build 30 Affordable Units on the Site of Eagle Rock Church of the Nazarene

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Eastsider LA has news of a new multi-family affordable housing development in the pipeline in Eagle Rock. 1010 Development Corp., a faith-based firm founded by the United Methodist Church, is in escrow to buy current home of the Eagle Rock Church of the Nazarene on an L-shaped property that runs along Eagle Rock Boulevard between Fair Park Avenue and Yosemite Drive. The current proposal includes 30 affordable apartments for low- and moderate-income residents (30 is what the current zoning "appears to allow"). According to the Eastsider, the affordable housing would be part of a mixed-use development: "The project would consist primarily of two and three-bedroom apartments in addition to about 2,000-square feet of community space along Yosemite Drive and about 7,500-square-feet of space along Eagle Rock Boulevard that could be used for commercial purposes."

So far, the main sticking point to 1010's proposal (the Eagle Rock Association has already given preliminary support) is the Hubert Barber Shop--the developer wants to buy the mid-blocks shop, but so far the owner has not agreed to sell. 1010 says the barber can have space in its new development, but also says it's prepared to build around the shop.

Whatever happens, 1010 says it won't break ground until at least the end of 2013. And good news: they promise "We don’t build ugly."
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