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Mayor's Fence is Finished, Chandelier Tree vs. the Wind

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WINDSOR SQUARE: The Larchmont Buzz reports that the construction fencing is down around the Getty House--tada, say hello to the mayor's new fence. The LB is not happy about the fence and worries it's setting a bad precedent: "the neighbor to the south is in the middle of a major re-landscaping of their front yard – with the [posts] for a fence included." [Larchmont Buzz]

SILVER LAKE: A concerned emailer asks "Did Adam's Chandelier tree in Silver Lake survive the storms?" That, of course, is in reference to the lovely Chandelier tree of Shadowlawn Ave. (and the raging Santa Anas of last week). We swung by over the weekend and it looked ok in daylight, but let us know if you've seen otherwise. [Curbed Inbox]