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The 1920s West Hollywood "Condo Alternative" House

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This week you voted that the Weekend Warrior visit 7611 Willoughby Ave., a reasonably priced house built in the 1920s.

7611 Willoughby Ave. (West Hollywood)
Price: $585,000
Year Built: 1925
Condo Alternative: The listing agent is marketing this place as a "condo alternative," which couldn't be more spot on. It's got the condo size and price, but no HOAs and no upstairs or downstairs neighbors.
The Joy of Old Houses: Houses of a certain age don't just have character of their own, they also tend to pick up the character of all the inhabitants who come through. Someone who lived in the house more than 40 years ago stopped by at a previous open house and was pleasantly shocked at how much the place had changed over the years.
Original Hardwood: Yeah, that's right. The house still has original hardwood from the twenties and it's in beautiful condition. The kitchen looks like it was remodeled in the early nineties, however, and is begging for someone to bring some "original twenties" vibe to it.
Who was there: Windswept palm fronds and a couple of courageous weekend warriors.
· 7611 Willoughby Ave [Redfin]