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Old LA Zoo Could Get a New Amphitheater

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City Councilmember Tom LaBonge is looking into building an amphitheater in the beloved Old Zoo Picnic Area in Griffith Park. He's asked CWArchitects for preliminary designs for "a 50-foot wide and 42-foot long stage with handicap accessible seating, stage lights and a new electrical room," according to the Los Feliz Ledger. The Independent Theater Company and Symphony in the Glen already hold performances in the Old Zoo, and LaBonge says that adding permanent space for them "will reduce the costs of the performances." Some nearby residents of course are a little concerned about the activity a permanent performance space could bring in, and at a recent public meeting they also asked that "additions to the park...match the existing style of architecture of the current zoo." The Old Zoo was LA's first, according to Atlas Obscura, and opened in 1912 with 15 animals. Later parts were built in the 1930s as a Works Progress Administration project. The zoo was abandoned in 1966 when the new zoo opened and has more recently become a favorite of urban explorers.
· LaBonge Queries Firm For Amphitheater Design for Griffith Park’s Old Zoo Area [Los Feliz Ledger]