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Curbed Cup Finals: (1) Historic Core vs. (14) Pasadena

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And now, the conclusion of the Curbed Cup, our annual award to the Los Angeles neighborhood of the year. Because this is the most important decision of all time, the polls will be left open until noon, January 1. Let the final battle begin!

Downtown's Historic Core is unstoppable. It beat out heavyweight Hollywood in the last round. Past that first blush of gentrification, it's spent the year seriously urbanizing: ground broke on the Spring Street Park, the neighborhood got a major (if splotchy) bike lane and a farmers market, and the restaurant scene stayed hot as ever with new openings and old-ish favorites. To top it all off, the HC gentrification even got sent up in musical form.

It was a squeaker in the last race between Pasadena and Highland Park. Pasadena pulled it out by a hair despite a kind of snoozy year that had it seeded in the 14 spot in this year's tournament. The city kept busy with a shiny new Department of Water and Power building, work on a new general plan, and possible plans for a streetcar. Meanwhile, the Paseo Colorado might add a hotel, the Playhouse Plaza project got a satisfying redesign, and the hipster flippers moved in.

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