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Clock is Ticking on Taylor Yard Purchase Option for Potential Riverfront State Park Site

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A deadline is fast approaching that could affect the fate of a 44 acre parcel of land that lies between the LA River and Rio de Los Angeles State Park. The G-2 parcel, part of the former site of Taylor Yard, is currently owned by the Union Pacific Railroad, but the rail facilities at the site have been demolished and 58 acres of surrounding land have been sold to the state and transformed into the Rio de Los Angeles State Park (the first phase of the park opened in 2007). The NRDC's Switchboard blog reports that developer Trammell Crow "has entered into a purchase option agreement with the railroad, with the stated intention of developing the riverfront Parcel G-2 for industrial use," which would effectively sever the Rio de Los Angeles State Park from its eponymous neighbor. Trammell Crow has until the end of the year to decide whether or not it will buy the parcel, which means the clock is ticking.

Local community interests, led by The River Project, are appealing to Trammell Crow to take a pass on the purchase. LA Creak Freak wondered whether the Trammell Crow purchase could deliberately increase the costs of the parcel's future as a park: "Is this a ploy - common enough in local environmental conservation/acquisition efforts - to up the property value with entitlements and re-sell to the City/State for a big return? And who would take on remediation costs in such a scenario?"

The NRDC is appealing for advocates to sign a petition opposing plans for an industrial site. The River Project also has a map of the adjacent parcels, which shows, according to a recent tweet, "why it is imperative that we convince Trammell Crow to walk away." The River Project Twitter feed and the NRDC blog say that Trammell Crow has not been responding to communications from opponents of the purchase.
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