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The Greatest LA Shenanigans, Hijinks, and Wars of 2011

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It's the last week in December, when according to tradition we make up a bunch of awards and hand them out to all the best, worst, and shitshowiest of things that happened in Los Angeles real estate, architecture, and neighborhoods this year. These are your 2011 Curbed Awards.

Shenanigan of the Year
This one definitely goes to someone involved in the rooftop sexcapade at USC, but we're not sure if it's the students who were screwing--in multiple positions--on top of Waite Phillips Hall or the photographer who made the whole scene go viral?

NIMBY Fight of the Year
The great Hollywood Sign Viewing Spot Wars of 2011.

Biggest Celebrity Troublemaker
It was amusing enough that singer Chris Brown was living in a small condo building on Fountain Ave. in West Hollywood, but then someone started talking to TMZ about what a jerk neighbor he was. He partied, he played music too loud, and he parked in disabled spaces. Eventually he got thousands of dollars of parking tickets dismissed and moved into a surprisingly tasteful Jay Vanos house in Lake Hollywood.

Best Celebrity Neighbor
Not only did Moby buy and fix up the lovely old Wolf's Lair and its John Lautner guesthouse, he also kindly helped out a young acid tripper who wandered into the house early one morning.

Best Neighbor War
A good neighbor war should bring out the worst in everyone, and Prince Abdulaziz ibn Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz al Saud's quest to build a megacompound in Beverly Crest did quite an excellent job of that. Players included superagent Michael Ovitz, producer Jon Peters, billionaires wives, and scorned interior designers.

Most Mysterious
The giant, blue, Clockwork Orange-style penis that appeared on and disappeared from the side of the road in Echo Park one day.

Most Successful Coopting of a National News Story
The three crazy kids who dined (for a few minutes anyway) on the closed 405 Freeway during Carmageddon.

Saddest Local Landmark Loss
Goodbye Thai Hot Dog stand. Newcomers will never be so flummoxed at Hollywood and Western again.

Best Dressed
The Griffith Park Bear was always decked out in something seasonally appropriate.

Craziest Public Art Proposal
Sony's rather gay homage to the Wizard of Oz, a 94 foot tall rainbow statue.

Best Historical Anecdote
The who-knows-how-true tale of how the UC regents decided to build UCLA in what was then a total backwater (and is now Westwood).

Greatest Art Saga
LACMA's 340 ton "Levitated Mass" rock has just been sitting in a quarry in Riverside for years, but somehow it's charmed everyone enough to net itself several LA Times and New York Times stories.

Biggest Shocker
For years, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts Sciences made everyone think it was planning to put a movie museum on Vine St. in Hollywood and that it was just waiting until the economy cleared up. Then, one day, BAM: they announced it was going into LACMA's old May Company building on the Miracle Mile.

Neighborhood Story of the Year
From its revealing listing photos to its revealing open house to its revealing estate sale, the House of Davids sale had captured our hearts all year long. There's still no sale, but there was a sad ending--the Davids came down recently.
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