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Old Covina Big Box Store Getting Lined With Trampolines

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The old PetSmart space at the Covina Town Square Shopping Center will be turned into a Sky Zone trampoline park. Yaaaaaaaaayyyyy!! Let's do this with every empty big box store. The city council unanimously approved the tramp plan last week and even a city councilmember was all: "Oh man, am I excited" (actual quote from the San Gabriel Valley Tribune). The paper reports that "SkyZone will include wall-to-wall trampolines inside a 25,608-square-foot facility" and charge $12 an hour for bouncing privileges. It'll also offer exercise programs including 3D volleyball and "Skyrobics." The park is "primarily geared toward young people 19 years and younger," but that doesn't mean adults are excluded, right? SkyZone is expected to open around April 1 and for all of the worrywarts in the crowd, proprietor David Ruiz says "We do hold a $10 million umbrella on top of our liability."
· Covina approves trampoline park [SGVT]