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Occupy Mural Now Safe with the City of Los Angeles

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Atlantic Cities has news today of the location of and possible future for the large Occupy LA mural that went up at City Hall during the encampment's tenure (the mural covered all four sides of a large plywood barrier put up to protect the City Hall lawn's historic white marble fountain). Shortly after the ousting of the Occupy encampment, the LA Times reported that Mayor Villaraigosa's office had inquired after the mural with an interest in preserving it as an artifact of "historical significance." Since then, "The mural was removed under orders from the Mayor's Office and is now in storage downtown at C. Erwin Piper Technical Center, where the city's archives are kept," according to Atlantic Cities.

The hero of the day is Matthew Rudnick, "a budget bureaucrat with no formal art education but with a keen sense of historical import," who coordinated with General Services and the Department of Cultural Affairs to preserve the mural. As for what's next, "The Department of Cultural Affairs is now beginning the process of finding a permanent home for the mural. Interested parties will soon be invited to submit offers to display the mural publicly," reports AC.

Back at the beginning of the month, Judy Baca, founder of the Social and Public Art Resource Center in Venice, told the LAT that it could be hard to find a home for the mural because it's so large.
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