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Back to the Drawing Board for WeHo's Plummer Park Facelift

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West Hollywood's decades-in-the-making effort to redesign Plummer Park will continue to drag on, though there may finally be some conflict resolution, reports the WeHo News. The city has agreed to commission new designs for the makeover after residents came out loud and hard against the old plans, specifically the uprooting of old trees, the futuristic update to Fiesta Hall, the demolitions of the Great and Long Halls, and the park's supposed closure during construction (which was supposed to start soon). Per usual, much of the rancor also relates to parking. Some residents object to the current plans for underground parking and the city's efforts to buy up nearby commercial neighbors' land for parking have failed. Architects have been asked to draw up a new plan, "that would keep the parking within the park's boundaries," City Manager Paul Arevalo said. Oh goody, you can't have a park without parking. Councilman John D'Amico downplays the concession, which could cost at least $1 million: "People change their minds about what they want; stakeholders come in with a fresh perspective." The architect could have updated designs in February.
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Plummer Park

7377 Santa Monica Boulevard, , CA 90046