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Tour the Fabulous Future Home of LA's First Ace Hotel

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Except where otherwise noted, photos via Bringing Back Broadway. These were taken when the building was on the market starting in 2009.

On Wednesday, the Hollywood Reporter reported that several sources are saying that the Ace Hotel will open up its first LA outpost in the old United Artists Theatre building on Broadway. The sources also said that the Ace plans to renovate the theater and make it into the "showpiece" of the hotel, which is great news, because it is damn spectacular. The building's most recent tenant was the Wescott Christian Center--they put up the notorious "Jesus Saves" signs--and a source who has been in the theater recently tells us the WCC has taken great care of the place. The source says that it's in "excellent condition" and "spotlessly clean." The only major change is a "faux beige marble scheme" that's been painted over the original faux travertine on the lower part of the walls in the theater and lobby, which we're told will be pretty easy to fix. According to Cinema Treasures, the theater was designed by C. Howard Crane with interiors (and murals) by Anthony B. Heinsbergen; the 13 story office building it's in was designed by Walker & Eisen.

There's even more info on the architecture and history over at the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation's website and at the Historic Los Angeles Theatres site. Now here for your viewing pleasure are tons and tons of photos of the building. The LAHTF has two video tours with even more: here and here.
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United Artists Theatre

933 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA