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Kris Jenner Loves OJ, Blvd6200 Permits Pulled

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We're checking out a little early for the holiday weekend. Catch you back here on Tuesday!

LOS ANGELES: Refinery29 wonders how this embarrassing 1985 video from Kris Jenner (she's the Kardashian matriarch) has not gone viral yet. We have no idea, but we'll do our part to help. Watch as a flat but enthusiastic Kris drives around eighties LA and sings to the tune of "I Love LA." You'll also see a tiny Kim Kardashian in what is believed to be the least amount of makeup she's ever worn on camera. [Refinery29]

HOLLYWOOD: The San Gabriel Valley Tribune mentions today that, of 609 multi-family housing building permits pulled in LA County in November, 535 were for "a mixed-use development in Hollywood." That happens to be the exact amount of units planned for Blvd6200's phase one. And indeed, the huge Pantages-adjacent project, which has been teased for years now, has been pulling all kinds of permits related to building a six-story mixed-use building (over five levels of parking). Looks like that rumored January start date could be right on or not too far off. [SGVT/LADBS]