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Pitchfork's Track of the Year Was Inspired by Downtown LA

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That behemoth arbiter of Alt music taste Pitchfork last week revealed their annual best of the year lists, and they named a song inspired by Downtown LA as their top track of the year. The song is "Midnight City" by French group M83, and M83 frontman Anthony Gonzalez mentions in a FaceCulture interview (around 3:08) that the song was inspired by driving through Downtown LA at night, which he describes as "futuristic, like in a science fiction movie." Gonzalez adds: "We don't have big buildings like this in France."

The video for the song doesn't look like it was filmed in Los Angeles and the lyrics never call out LA by name, instead trading on such placeless anecdotes as "waiting in a car/waiting for a ride in the dark" and "drinking in the lounge/following the neon signs," so it is unlikely that this song will replace "Walking in LA" and "I Love LA" as great anthems of the city (and how about some love for the Decemberists's "Los Angeles, I'm Yours"?). But isn't it just so urban that Downtown LA can inspire what Gonzalez calls a "fun song about city lights at night"?

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