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Highland Park Mural House Loses Owners, Mural, Mojo

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Image of gold house by C. Waterton via Eastsider LA

This Highland Park bungalow has had a rough couple months. It was known for the tropical mural painted on its exterior in 2010--part of an international art project--but the 110 year old house was foreclosed on recently and the owners vacated, The Eastsider LA reported last month. Gold Line riders who once enjoyed the house's colorful Nicaraguan nature scenes (it sits on Marmion Way, adjacent to the tracks) soon noticed the house's windows were smashed and graffiti marred the exterior. The bank is now trying to unload the house, which the Eastsider reported just dropped in price yesterday from $189,000 to $185,000. Perhaps to help entice buyers, the once pink- and purple-hued home has now been painted over with an odd gold color. The interior--which includes three bedrooms and one bath--looks pretty rough, but it could be a nice project for the ambitious.
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