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Curbed Cup Elite 8: (10) Highland Park vs. (2) Echo Park

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There are only eight neighborhoods left in the Curbed Cup race for the Los Angeles Neighborhood of the Year. Round two this week will feature one matchup every day and polls will be left open for 24 hours (and watched closely for shenanigans). On Friday, we'll review the final four contenders for the golden jpeg. Let the eliminations continue!

Highland Park creamed Exposition Park in Round 1. Here's what its year looked like: the birthplace of the hipster flip continued to flip out all year--flipper kings Better Shelter even built their first new house in the nabe. On top of that, HP got LA's first bike corral and a vegan drive-through.

Echo Park also destroyed its competition (North Hollywood) in Round 1 on evidence of its very robust year: a tiny 1881 bungalow went for $695,000, a hipster flip went for $739,000, and Heyday Partners' Dick+Jane townhouses both sold almost immediately for asking or close to it. The Smurf Village/Durbin and the small lot subdivision Morton Village both got reanimated this year, as did the Metropolitan Water District apartments on a neglected side of the neighborhood. EP's namesake lake was drained for a rehab this year and even snooty Conde Nast Traveler wanted in on the neighborhood action.

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