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Atwater Brew Palace Debuts Menu, Joan's Heads North, Ace Eats, LAX Dining Guide

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ATWATER VILLAGE: Golden Road Brewing, the new beer haus on San Fernando, is slowly rolling out its food menu. Though solids don't officially go on sale until January, the 3,500 square foot warehouse-turned-restaurant gave a sneak peek last weekend: in addition to meatballs with pancetta, expect vegan and vegetarian fare like hold-the-meat meatballs and tomato polenta with fennel puree and white bean ragout.

THE VALLEY: Joan's on Third is expanding! And to the Valley! The upscale market/cafe is finalizing a location somewhere over the hill...stay tuned.

DOWNTOWN: Everyone is super excited for the new Ace Hotel going into the old United Artists Theatre building on Broadway. But what about the restaurants? Eater thinks there could be more than one and that the hotel's restaurants will likely serve super delicious Stumptown coffee. There could possibly even be a full Stumptown cafe.

LAX: We all know that LAX dining is about as sophisticated as the Beverly Center food court (things will hopefully change when a slew of LA-based restaurants move into the airport). Until then, Eater has a guide for eating as well as possible at the airport (Nate 'n Al just opened up an outpost).
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