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Rose McGowan Ditches Hated House For New Place in the Hills

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Back in August, actress Rose McGowan regaled us all with the tale of the time she sold her house to Paul McCartney's manager because she thought it was triggering her allergies (it turned out to be her pillow). In the process, she also accidentally dosed a bunch of real estate agents via pot brownie. After she figured out the pillow thing, Paul McCartney's manager cruelly refused to sell her back her old house--a lovely 1928 number in Los Feliz--and she moved onto a new house, which she hated. As she told Chelsea Handler: "I really hate it." See? Now Trulia reports that McGowan was not exaggerating--she just closed a few weeks ago on another new house, in the Hollywood Hills (near the top of Nichols Canyon). The latest house doesn't really hold a candle to the Los Feliz one, but it has four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a two-car garage, an outdoor fireplace, and was advertised as "ready to move in." McGowan paid $1.39 million.
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