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Commercial Photog Spends His Off-Time Documenting Venice

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Yo! Venice! tips us to a post on the New York Times's Lens blog about photographer Kwaku Alston, who takes occasional breaks from New York, an overwhelming string of commercial photo assignments (including shooting the Obamas), and even assistants to pursue a passion project in Venice called Venice Project. The project provides Alston with a "'visual therapy' that has led him to rekindle his passion for picture-taking as well as to become more involved in his community."

The Venice Project captures the color and idiosyncratic characters of Venice--hula hoops, tasseled bicycles, and tattoos punctuate panoramas of modern architecture and, of course, the Pacific Ocean. Alston clearly celebrates the diversity of Venice, including some of the neighborhood's seedier elements, telling the NYT that "The Venice community is a remarkable mix of people and cultures...The gang member, the surfer, pot smoker, artist, hipster, young family member, indigent or trust funder, all living in these 2.3 square miles, creating something so unique." And the tourist. Don't forget the tourist.
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