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New Year, New Ocean Park: SaMo Street Facelift Starts Soon

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Santa Monica will up its green cred even more (more on that here, here, and here) next month when it begins work on a greening project for Ocean Park Boulevard (a ceremonial groundbreaking was held last week). The Santa Monica Daily Press says construction will last a year, run from Neilson Way to Lincoln Blvd., and bring 100 new trees, "marked crosswalks with overhead flashing beacons," and a stormwater collection system.

Santa Monica's own site says that the project will also add 75 pedestrian-scaled light poles, wider sidewalks, painted bike lanes, bike racks, street furniture, and trash and recycling cans.

The $4.4 million project is an effort to turn Ocean Park into a "complete green street," to make the street more attractive and amenable to walkers and cyclists. Santa Monica describes the current boulevard as "a wide auto-oriented street, accommodating one lane of traffic in either direction and offering few pedestrian amenities. Sidewalk widths are narrow, tree wells contain Cassias trees in various states of health, and the boulevard is difficult to cross." Don't worry, cars--during construction, one driving lane will be open in each direction at all times.
· Work underway on Ocean Park 'green street' [SMDP]