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Downtown's Clark Hotel Gets Boutiquey East Coast Operator

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We first heard word of a boutique hotel opening in the Clark Hotel building at Fourth and Hill back in 2008, but there was very little movement there for a long, long time. We finally started seeing some action recently (a pool deck in August, mattresses arriving in September), and now Brigham Yen breaks the news that the hotel will be operated by King & Grove (no opening date has been announced yet). K&G operates three East Coast properties: the Tides in Miami and the Surf Lodge and Ruschmeyer's, both in the Hamptons. Their hotels are pretty site-specific--the Tides is glam, Surf Lodge is beachy, Ruschmeyer's is summer campy. That hopefully means cool things for the Clark, which originally opened as a hotel in 1914 with the Broadway Department Store on its ground floor. Eater LA has more on King & Grove's excellent foodie record.
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Hotel Clark

426 S. Hill St., Los Angeles, CA