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Designed By, Lived In, and Listed By Umanskys in Beverly Hills

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Aw, it's a real family affair on Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills, where a house built by architect Leonardo Umansky for his parents, Alfredo and Betty Umansky, has been listed by his cousin (and, we are obligated to include, Real Househusband of Beverly Hills) Mauricio Umansky, according to The four bedroom, five and a half bathroom house was built to provide a lot of entertaining space and to show off Alfredo and Betty's large art collection (mostly Latin American), according to a 2002 article in the Robb Report. Layout-wise, "Umansky and [partner Ramiro Diaz-Granados] Diaz-Granados incorporated two opposing aesthetics into the home’s plan: a Mondrian-like grid overlaid with a drawing of a curvilinear sculpture by Mexican artist Leonardo Nierman, a favorite piece from the Umanskys’ collection." The Umanskys also wanted "formal living and dining rooms flanking a grand entry, with the family room, the kitchen, and the breakfast area located at the rear for easy access to the yard and pool." The house is more than 9,300 square feet and includes a double-bathroomed master, a gym, and areas for both China and art storage. Asking price is $12.85 million.
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