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Spring Street Bike Lane Getting Repainted This Weekend

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The LA Department of Transportation will be retracing its steps down Spring Street this weekend with a fresh coat of green paint to cover the noticeable and premature wear and tear on the street's brand new buffered bicycle lane. The LADOT will repaint the lane between 3 and 5 am this Sunday morning, and the lane will be blocked by a wall of cones for the whole day on Sunday, allowing time for the paint to set. The LADOT picked this weekend for its pleasant weather forecast (the lane was originally painted on a rainy weekend a couple weeks ago).

Valerie Watson, Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council boardmember, is spending the day walking door to door to affected businesses along the route, spreading news of the painting and asking for cooperation. She told Curbed today that "Parking lot attendants are the main folks who will need to cooperate. Directing patrons out of exits might require a two point turn to avoid the paint, but we are asking for everyone's cooperation."

A film shoot, permitted long before the original paint job was planned, complicated the first coat of paint. This time, Watson talked with permitter FilmLA the moment the touch up was scheduled--luckily, FilmLA says there are no permitted shoots scheduled for Sunday.
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