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Bergamot-Style Arts Makeover Is a Go for San Pedro Port

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Looks like the developers behind Santa Monica's Bergamot Station Arts Center will indeed bring their magic to two dilapidated warehouses at San Pedro's Port of Los Angeles, the Daily Breeze reports. The idea is to turn Warehouses No. 9 and 10 into a marketplace--called Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles--where artists can sell their affordable pieces to locals, cruise passengers, and anyone else who makes it down to the Port. The lease agreement requires Bergamot to spend $3 million on initial renovations and $5 million throughout the next decade, to produce "an open marketplace dedicated to the handmade," according to Alison Marik Zeno, project manager for Crafted. The Port and the developers, who started collaborating in June, hope to attract 700,000 annual visitors with help from the now-old standby: food trucks ("gourmet hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches sold from carts"). Port officials are crossing their fingers for a domino effect, hoping the turned-around warehouses attract a developer to do something with the nearby Ports O' Call Village.
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