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San Andreas: 3D Next Up to Destroy LA on Film

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It's been nine months already since the release of the last movie about the total destruction of Los Angeles, so thank heavens someone's stepped up with the next one. The LA Times's 24 Frames blog reports that New Line is making San Andreas: 3D about, of course, the Big One. Allan Loeb, who wrote Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and the forthcoming Miley Cyrus vehicle So Undercover, wrote the screenplay; there's no director attached yet. According to 24F, the movie's earthquake "stretches from California to Nevada first along the fault line of its title and then beyond, leaving plenty of destruction behind." The plot sounds similar to 2012's--"the hero is forced to go on the road to reconcile with his children and his estranged wife, who’s moved away and taken up with another man." But tantalizingly, he "makes the trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco using some rather, er, unconventional transportation." Watts Tower catapult?
· ‘San Andreas: 3D' -- a '2012' for 2012? [24 Frames]