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To Stop Metro Drilling Under BHHS, Bev Hills Drills Under BHHS

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Beverly Hills Unified School District--the district that's spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to stop the Purple Line subway tunnel from running under Beverly Hills High School--is initiating a two-month drilling project under BHHS, reports the Beverly Hills Patch. Metro recently released findings from geologists showing that there are potentially dangerous faults lying underneath Santa Monica Blvd., which makes a Century City subway station at Constellation and Avenue of the Stars more attractive than one on Santa Monica Blvd.; the Constellation station would require tunneling underneath BHHS, which the District is adamantly against. Now BHUSD has hired geotechnical engineering firm Leighton Consultants to conduct its own two-month fault testing to double-check Metro's findings.

The work will start with drill rigs and crews creating "a series of soil borings across campus," according to an email to parents from Board of Ed President Brian Golberg, and continue with "the excavation of a trench that stretches the entire width of the campus." Even though the District hopes to drill during evenings and school holidays (that should be cheap), "Goldberg warned that it will be noisy and disruptive as investigators begin the excavation of a trench that stretches the entire width of the campus," the Patch reports.

"Trenching evaluation is painstaking work that will require open excavations for most of January," Goldberg tells the Patch. He also says there will be a "considerable level of activity through the end of February." He also says that Metro found faults "in the prime area for future school construction," so the testing will also be helpful for future high school expansion projects (one of BHUSD's reasons for opposing the subway tunnel is that it would prevent them from further developing the BHHS campus).
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