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Hollywood Community Plan Makes Its Debut, ModCom Honors Mid-Century Greats in Mid-Century Great

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HOLLYWOOD: The new Hollywood Community Plan, the first comprehensive set of Hollywood planning guidelines to come out since 1988, passed the Planning Commission recently and now it's off to the City Council and the Planning and Land Use Management Committee. This morning, Mayor Villaraigosa and Councilmembers Eric Garcetti and Tom LaBonge (in a jaunty scarf) gathered on top of the Hollywood Tower to officially send it off for those final approvals. As we've reported, the plan puts an emphasis on allowing density around transit hubs, while "protect[ing] the character of low-scale residential neighborhoods." There's no date set yet for its appearance before PLUM. [Curbed Inbox]

WESTWOOD: The LA Conservancy's Modern Committee is giving out its third annual set of Modern Masters Awards tonight, to honor "Major contributors to Southern California mid-20th Century architecture." The recipients tonight are Victor Cusack, James Delong, WA Sarmiento, and Edward Fickett. They'll also have a special tribute to the recently-decesaed Robert Burman and an appearance from Harry Gesner to pick up the award he won last year. The awards are being given out at ModCom's holiday party at UCLA's Faculty Center, which was designed by Austin, Field and Fry in 1959. According to a press release, "The Faculty Center is a rare example of residential ranch-style architecture applied to a civic building and is highly unusual for a university and public institution setting. The post-and-beam structure was recently a preservation issue, but is no longer threatened with demolition. The Conservancy is currently working on a California Register of Historical Resources nomination for the building." [Curbed Inbox]