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Open House Hot Spot in Century City

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This week you voted that the Weekend Warrior visit 2252 Linnington Ave., a house in the Century City area.

2252 Linnington Ave.
Price: $1.095 million
Decorative Themes: The Little Red Hen and Morocco.
The Office: The back guesthouse has been transformed into an office. The idea is hardly novel, but this office goes all out. They even got the crumbly, toxic-if-looked-at-too-hard square tiles on the ceiling and the oppressive lighting! Quel réalisme!
Who Was There: For a moment, we thought we walked into a party. The house was filled to the brim with people looking around and, as we left, two more groups of people came walking in. We barely got to talk with the agents, who were mingling their little hearts out. Usually only malls get that kind of foot traffic.
The Mall: Afterward we went to Bloomie's for a spell, but didn't find anything we wanted.
· 2252 Linnington Ave [Redfin]