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Site of Walt Disney's Carolwood Pacific Railroad For Sale

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The Wall Street Journal reports today that Houston Dynamo (that's soccer) owner Gabriel Brener has pocket listed his house on Carolwood Drive in Holmby Hills for "more than $80 million." The property the house sits on was the site of Walt Disney's last home and the spot where he built the famous Carolwood Pacific Railroad, which is said to be one of the major inspirations for Disneyland (weirdly enough, yesterday was the anniversary of Disney's death). The Carolwood Pacific was a one-eighth scale steam railroad--a 2003 LA Times article says it included a 90 foot tunnel and that Disney even had one-eighth scale coal shipped from Pennsylvania.

In 1998, Brener bought the house from the estate of Disney's widow and tore the house down to build his own "two-level limestone mansion?which he and his family use as their main residence," according to the WSJ. Disney's barn, where he oversaw Carolwood Pacific operations, was moved to Griffith Park. Brener kept the house's Mickey Mouse gate and supposedly the tunnel, according to Wikipedia, although we can't confirm that. Brener's new mansion has six bedrooms, a pool, and a sculpture garden. Disney's previous house in Los Feliz sold earlier this year.
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