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Burbank A-Frame With a Big Tree Growing Through It

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We know they're not everyone's cup of PG Tips, but we have a real soft spot for the Southern California A-frame and find them charmingly eccentric. This Burbank specimen does not disappoint--in fact, it's chock full of kooky surprises. For starters, it's got a big elm tree growing through the living room roof. The listing also informs us that the property contains two separate guest quarters, one of which has a window into the pool. Oh, and there're also "two stables and a fully paneled tack room." Annoyingly, there are only five photos provided in the current listing; however, we dug up a few more from when the house was on the market a few years ago (older photos are at the end of the gallery). The four bedroom, three and a half bath residence was built in 1940 and also features "five different custom stone faced fireplaces (one with barbeque), hand-rubbed walnut cabinets, terrazo tile flooring and a mirrored breakfast room." Sited on a one-third acre lot, it's listed at $995,000.
· 630 S PARISH Pl [Redfin]