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Brief Color War in Palm Springs Over Hotel's 14-Shade Facade

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Ace Palm Springs developer Sydell Group is working on turning the old Holiday Inn on East Palm Canyon Dr. in Palm Springs into a boutiquey Saguaro hotel with the help of color-loving New Yorkers Stamberg Aferiat Architecture. The firm has proposed a 14-color facade in desert flower shades (meaning bright). Yesterday, the city's planning commission voted to approve the look, but they only had to take a vote at all because the city planning director denied the colors last month, according to the Desert Sun. By yesterday's meeting, however, everyone seemed completely won over (when the commission made their approval, there was "a roar of applause from the crowd"). Modernism Week chairman Jacques-Pierre Cassin spoke in support of the colorful project and the planning commission vice chairman said that after visiting the site, "I've really become a major fan." One local business owner did complain on Facebook that there wasn't enough brown or tan in the scheme and that the plan seems too gay, which, sorry dude, that ship sailed out of the desert a long time ago.

The Saguaro

1800 East Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92264