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56 Units and Absolutely No Parking at New SaMo Development

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What is the world coming to? The city of Santa Monica this week approved a development agreement for a 56 unit mixed-use building in its downtown core and didn't ask the developer to build any parking. The development will be located on a 7,500 square foot parcel at Broadway and Fourth on the site of an existing auto repair facility (is that unintentional irony?). The site is one block from the future Expo Line terminus at the corner of Fourth Street and Colorado Avenue, so people who live in the new building could commute from Santa Monica to Culver City or Downtown LA or Pasadena and not even have to own a car. What is this, Chicago?

The Lookout News reports that, instead of building parking, project developer Steve Henry will pay $125,000 for transit improvements (to "help offset to cost of building bike lanes, the Esplanade project on Colorado Avenue, the Expo Light Rail line and other transit projects") and contribute a laundry list of other benefits (according to the development agreement, those include a Transportation Demand Management plan, "round floor arcade that enhances the adjacent sidewalks," extra affordable units, minimum LEED Silver certification, rooftop solar panels, and a local hiring provision for construction).

The five story building (56 feet tall) will include 48 studios, eight one bedrooms, and 4,159 square feet of ground floor commercial space, which the LN says will house a restaurant. And just to repeat: no on-site parking. The project is designed by Michael Folonis.

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