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777 Tower in Cake Form, Candy Spelling's Televised Move-Out

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DOWNTOWN: Downtown's 777 Tower, designed by Cesar Pelli, turned 20 this year. To celebrate, someone had it (and its adjacent FIGat7th) rendered in cake. Looks hard to cut. [flickr]

TVLAND: Ok, everybody be sure and watch HGTV's Selling Spelling Manor, part one tonight at 9 pm so we can come back and gossip about it tomorrow. The two-parter shows Candy Spelling's journey out of The Manor in Holmby Hills (which she sold to young British person Petra Ecclestone earlier this year) and into her new condo *in Century City. The New York Times says that Candy has the strong whiff of Charles Foster Kane about her in the "two-part festival of voyeurism and self-promotion." Sounds amazing. [HGTV/NYT]

The Manor

594 South Mapleton Drive, , CA 90024