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Curbed Cup Round 1: (3) West Hollywood vs. (14) Pasadena

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Here it is: the 2011 Curbed Cup race for Los Angeles Neighborhood of the Year. Round one of our tournament features 16 'hoods vying for the coveted golden jpeg--we'll have two matchups every day through Thursday, then take a look at our tournament bracket on Friday. Voting for each poll ends at noon the next day (and will be watched closely for any shenanigans). Let the neighborhood on neighborhood carnage begin!

Santa Monica/La Brea at the east end of West Hollywood was the hot intersection this year--there were lots of plans (and even a little action) for the greater area, including the revival of the Gehry-killing Faith Plating rental/retail project and the start of work at the Jons-killer at Fountain and La Brea (close enough). (On the downside, the Movietown Plaza project was put up for sale.) Over on the other side of town, WeHo got a fresh new library and megadeveloper CIM Group resurrected the Sunset Millenium project. And the American Planning Association even named Santa Monica Blvd. through WeHo as one of their Great Streets.

In these lean times, Pasadena puttered about, keeping busy with a shiny new Department of Water and Power building, work on a mew general plan, and possible plans for a streetcar. Meanwhile, the Paseo Colorado might add a hotel, the Playhouse Plaza project got a satisfying redesign, and the hipster flippers moved in.

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